The Knights of Columbus remains firmly committed to defending the right to life of every human being, from the moment of conception to natural death. Countless councils and individual Knights conduct projects aimed to build a culture of life in their communities. What we choose to do, or not do, about abortion, euthanasia, human cloning and embryonic research impacts lives for generations to come. Take action now and support a culture that values human life at all stages. Here are some of the programs and activities that our council does to promote a culture of life. The closest will usually appear first in the list. 

Football Pool Results 2021-2022

Football Pool Results 2021-2022

The 2021-2022 Football Pool is in the eighth year of play in our council.   The funds raised support Life programs and general council initiatives.

We want to highlight the winners so that they don't go unrecognized. The pool was open to anyone so the winners won't only be knights. What you'll see are the same names turning up. The reason is simple - they bought more numbers. 

Game Winner - Pool "A" Winner - Pool "B" Winner - Pool "C"
1 Geraldine Arias Cary Newman No Winner
2 Paul Gigliotti Rick Clendenning Sean Murphy
3 Bette Greer Kaylani Baker Michael Breit
4 Patrick Capps Bill Menendez No Winner
5 Geraldine Arias Cary Newman No Winner
6 Patrick Gourley Gabriel Shedid No Winner
7 Bill Jedziniak Jim Canoni No Winner
8 Aubrey Baker John Bolger Msgr. Steve Carlson
9 Lee Wagner Cruz Thomas No Winner
10 Tom Mackay Trent Gurriss No Winner
11 Christian Decker M. J. Lawton No Winner
12 Catherine Kane Abby Riazzi Bob Zaborowski
13 Mike Bolger Aubrey Baker Msgr. Steve Carlson
14 Patrick Gourley Gabriel Shedid No Winner
15 Gerrie Arias Shari Brown No Winner
16 Mike Cahill Ian Riazzi Philip Coralde
  Judy Pizzichillo Clive Meerholz Chris Smith


Wilmington is one of the sites for LifeChain, an international silent prayer vigil by Christians to communicate their opposition to abortion and for Catholics to show support for life at all stages. The 2021 date is Sunday, October 3.  It runs from 2:30 till 3:30. Because fewer churches and individuals are participating, there will be new locations for some parishes.  For Saint Mark parishioners we should gather in the old KMart and Burger King parking lots where signs can be picked up.  We will then line up there along College Road.

LifeChain is a simple thing we can easily plug into. It's an international demonstration of ordinary families who stand alongside busy thoroughfares with Pro-Life messages. Is it worth one hour of your time to possibly save an unborn child? Is it worth one hour of your family's time to instill the values of the Culture of Life in your children?

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a national inter-denominational program to become more aware of the issues affecting life from conception to natural death.  40 Days for Life ( has daily prayers and reflections online to guide us through the 40 Days devotion.  Council members will be encouraged to avail themselves of this.  The 2018 Autumn 40 Days for Life runs between 9/23 through 11/1.